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Steve Hodges Creative Director

Steve is a passionate creative thinker. A 360 degree, full picture, strategic solution based creative. He has gathered a wealth of experience across many marketing and advertising campaigns globally.

Observe | Absorb | Create

He is a born explorer and has a passion to travel. He loves to ‘observe and absorb’ the world around him, using these experiences and translating them into ideas to form his creative thinking and solutions.

Always On

 Steve believes that natural creatives are always on. Always thinking. It’s never just a job. It’s a passion, an obsession. He believes that life is there to be experienced and translated.


Steve is an open minded, free thinker. A creative sketcher, a collector of ideas, information and influences. He likes to absorb the clients goals and objectives, and deliver a solution that fits not only the clients needs but more importantly, fits the consumers emotional brand connection.


Steve was born in the north of England UK, he studied graphic communication and photography at university before entering into the field of marketing and advertising. He has worked as a creative director on a variety of premium brand projects in London UK, Melbourne Australia and Toronto Canada.


Steve’s mission is to create an lasting emotional connection to the consumer or audience through his creative campaigns and photography.  He believes that emotional experiences (want and desire) are the things that leave the lasting experience or impression that creates brand loyalty.