Absolut Nights

Absolut Nights

Whilst working as Creative Director at Boom Marketing, I was challenged with continuation of the second season partnership of Absolut Canada and the Canadian maker community.

Inspired by the incredible things that people in maker communities were creating across the country, the makers had challenged us to think differently about art and artists. Makers were a group of contemporary creators, thinkers, dreamers and craftsmen who are engaged in creativity and transformation of the world around them.

Our goal was to show the general public what a maker was, how they played a part in everyone’s life, and posed the question, ‘Are you a maker?’

After chatting to makers from local areas, we discovered that there needed to be more of an integration between the makers and the guests at this seasons venues and events. Whether the evening involved a DJ working with a sculptor or roboticist creating a new way to serve drinks.

Absolut partnered with makers, getting behind making, and exploring the platforms that allow makers to create. The tour allowed makers to exhibit and show off what they were doing. Whether it was 3D printing, laser cutting, interactive sound displays, sound production, a craft or even robotics, makers are all around us.

The Absolut Night parties were hosted across Canada, events and maker-art galleries were presented nationwide, bringing the maker community into peoples lives and showcasing this emerging wave of creativity and talent.

The Absolut Vodka Construction Set art installation was created using a 3D printer for Absolut MakerFest

Absolut’s expression of “Transform Today” is all about enabling creativity. Like the maker movement, Absolut was interested in inspiring peoples’ creativity and curiosity, and they enabled that through their showcase and support of maker culture.

Client          Absolut
Services     Experiential Marketing
Link            www.absolut.com/ca/nights