Aquafina Plus

Aquafina Plus

Get a drop of wellness

Ex Award Grand Prize

Best Mall Event

Aquafina’s objectives were to drive mass awareness and trial of Aquafina Plus vitamin drink and create a memorable ‘sensory experience’ for the targeted 18-49 year old consumer, whilst bringing a health & wellness face to the brand.

Positioning Aquafina Plus in the wellness water category gave the consumer an experiential touch point with the vitamin water, something beyond just quenching their thirst with a free trial. Aquafina Plus delivers benefits over an extended period of time and can be part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Aquafina Plus experience was an oasis of wellness inside the hectic mall environment.

The consumer became educated on Aquafina Plus and they were given more information on their own personal wellness plans.

Instead of just a trial drink of great tasting water, the consumer got a taste of a good life wellness plan and an oasis from the rigours of a hectic shopping mall.

Client          Pepsi Canada
Services     Experiential