Art Platforma Exhibition

Art Platforma Exhibition


When and where: June 9th – July 2nd 2017 in the cultural space of the AKT (Art Platforma Kyiv)

This year I was lucky enough to become the first non Ukrainian to have an exhibition at Art Platforma in Kyiv, Ukraine.

As with all my photography, the image starts in one form and evolves into another form and captured again, an image within an image evolving with the elements.

Art Platforma is an old industrial location, a set of buildings that have a history built into the decaying walls that have become art in their own manner.

I took this as a chance to push my passion for photography to another level or most importantly, another layer. I have always believed that a photograph is like a memory, it can never die, it may become faded, worn or even torn, but the image lives on, it evolves and forms a life of its own based on time and the elements.

The frayed edges of our memories, live in aged wood, corroded metal, sun faded signs, flaking paint, worn posters, graffiti, and cracked brick walls like the wrinkles of a person’s face.

Experiences and memories that come to life in our minds as we see a familiar place that we have visited before.

My art captures that weathered texture of time, ghosts of an image, a person, a story or a memory etched into the world around us.

The art is inspired by the urban decay, timeworn doors, derelict buildings, worn streets and the ageing effects of the elements.

As time passes, true recollections become unclear, with time they fade, wear and distort.

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