Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Ding dong dang!

Building brand awareness during the festive season is always a challenging prospect, the marketplace is simply saturated with promotions and contests. The folks at Benefit Cosmetics Canada were looking for help in building its social media fan base with a concentration on increasing Facebook followers. Faced with a short timeline, lean budget and a battle for market place awareness, the solution had to be nimble, effective and attention grabbing.

Hitting the streets with a guerilla based solution, flypostings were placed throughout the downtown core of Vancouver and Toronto. Each posting featured a bag of full sized Benefit cosmetic product, free for the taking by anyone passing by and each sample was renewed on a daily basis.

The flypostings were supported by social media outreach, an SMS contest, ‘Benebabe’ street teams and targeted AddMirror placements. Christmas trees covered in free Benefit product were placed strategically around the downtown locations to add the finishing touch to the winter blitz campaign. Every touch point pushed the consumer to the Benefit Facebook page to discover where other free Benefit cosmetic samples could be found. The campaign was a success and created a solid level of impressions at a low cost per impression.

The results:

149%+ increase in Facebook fans during promotion period
46% entry rate into Facebook contest
23% increase in Twitter followers during blitz period
4.5M+ impressions

Client          Benefit Cosmetics Canada
Services     Guerilla/Experiential