at&t BlackBerry

at&t BlackBerry

A Bold Step Ahead

Design Edge Finalist
Website Design

BlackBerry and AT&T wanted to generate awareness and educate consumers on the benefits of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone from AT&T. The goal was to create demand in both consumers and B2B technology purchasers.

The solution was ‘A Bold Step Ahead’ a fully comprehensive website that immersed the user in an ‘smart’, educational and interactive experience. The website was designed to showcase the device’s ability to stay ahead of the work-life balance.

The site design was made to accent the device’s looks, whilst modern, vivid images placed the product into an everyday context, work or play.

Strategically targeted animated online banner placements were used to drive awareness and garner visits.

The site experience invited the user to explore and learn, yet promoted a deeper layer of interactivity with added contest entry and data capture via social media sites such as youtube and twitter. There was also and added connection to the user via viral messaging and interactive social media web banners.

The homepage of the site greeted the user with a clock that synced with the users computer clock.

Based on the time that the user visited the site, either a work or life situation would be the greeting scenario.

The user was then invited to explore each work/life scenario and gradually become educated on the device via interactive roll overs, podcasts and shareable content.

The user was then invited to share the site as a contest entry to win a device or enter via a tweet, facebook post or youtube link that displayed how they stayed ‘One Step Ahead’ of the work/life balance.

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