Boom Marketing

Boom Marketing

Whilst working as Creative Director at Boom Marketing Canada, I was given the task of updating the 13 year old ‘infamous’ green Boom branding.

I instantly decided to drop the mix of a bold font, a bold colour and overly complicated positioning statement. I wanted to create something a little more refined, sleek and premium looking.

This would help position the company as a more mature player in the market.

I opted for more subdued colour palette, combined with a subtle but strong font.
The idea and rationale was that Boom Marketing didn’t need to have a brand identity that was in your face and shouting ‘look at me’, but rather it should let the quality of work ‘make an impact’.

The web navigation was based on a HTML template that served to show the portfolio of work as a strong impactful header and greeting to the site.

You can read more about the rebrand and launch here at

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