Colgate Visible White

Colgate Visible White

To launch the Colgate Visible White in Canada, the opportunity was taken for Colgate to talk about the real end-benefits for consumers and break through the clutter at retail, with a hands-on, personal approach.

The opportunity was available to position this product as much more than a toothpaste and more of a beauty ‘enhancing’ product that is used to achieve a ‘whiter than white’ smile.

In spite of the strong efficacy claims, Colgate decided to follow our recommendation of leading with the cosmetic benefits when going to market.

The product was brought to life at retail with an ad campaign that featured a confident, sexy, slightly cheeky young woman, who is showing off her pearly whites, whilst biting on a bright red berry.

This brought even more emphasis to the whiteness of her teeth and helped reinforce the brand’s colours.

This theme was used again in spearheading the public relations and experiential marketing campaigns.

The new strategy became the platform for the the future development of the above the line national campaign. The campaign theme also became the them for the Chinese, Hong Kong market.

Continuing the Colgate Visible White marketing efforts with a direct mail booklet inserted in popular women’s magazines such as Flare and Lou Lou.

The Summer White theme was all about achieving your hot summer look in white.

Partners including: Revlon, Timex, Foxy and Calvin Klein were brought on-board to contribute prizes in exchange for featuring their products in the booklet.

The DM piece led the audience to a microsite where consumers had a chance to win a trip to Toronto and get a makeover by professional beauty stylists.

Then the winners starred in their own ‘Redefine You’ Photo Shoot, and received a gift pack with products featured in the direct mail booklet.

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