Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread Canadian Launch

Whilst working as creative director for SDIMKTG in Toronto, I was given to opportunity to launch Weston Bakery’s ‘Dave’s Killer Bread’ to the Canadian market place.

Dave’s Killer Bread is the US’s number one selling Non-GMO, organic bread. Our goal was to kick off the launch with a Canadian ‘breadquarters’ set up in Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens store in Toronto.

Celebrity Chef Matty Matheson from the Vice network invited shoppers to enjoy a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread Sandwiches made to his own special recipe.

DKB’s motto is that appearances can be deceiving, in keeping with this ethos our team was a group of tattooed non typical foodies. Shoppers were also given the opportunity to have a photo taken with the celebrity chef, or even on top of a full sized motorbike inside the store.

The activation was supported by extra signage in areas with ideal ingredients to make that ‘Killer’ sandwich and floor signs directing shoppers to the product and activation footprint.

Canadian National Sampling Campaign

After the success of the Canadian launch, the campaign continued into a national sampling campaign.

Truck loads of full sized loaves of Dave’s Killer Bread and multiple slices were handed out from the back of bread vans guerrilla style on the streets of Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, as well as farmer’s markets and festivals across Canada.

The engaged public were also treated to free pin badges, bandanas, temporary tattoos and money off coupons.

Client          Weston Bakeries
Services     Experiential Marketing
Link            www.daveskillerbread.com