Mitchum Smart Solid

Mitchum Smart Solid

Revlon Canada wanted to demonstrate the efficacy of Mitchum Smart Solid across Canada and drive awareness of this premium anti-perspirant.

The product boasted the ability of getting the job done while banishing those annoying white marks. This sparked an idea that would give us the chance to play golf, everyday, all summer long.

We teed-off with a nation-wide retail tour challenging consumers with the ‘Black T(-Shirt) Demo’ and a putting game to enter the Mitchum Heli-Golf Adventure.

All over the country, Mitchum Putting Stations draw crowds at events and in the parking lots of retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.

Consumers participated in the Black-T Demo and received discount coupons for Mitchum Smart Solid. A custom golf putting game challenged all to avoid “the wet areas” and the perils of “getting stuck in white residue”. Successful putters were entered into the contest via onsite touch screens or online via the contest microsite.

The lucky winner of the Mitchum Heli-Golf Adventure won a trip, along with 3 friends of their choice,to experience an extreme golf experience worth $18,000. Soaring through the skies from golf course to golf course by helicopter, they play a total of 5 Kaneff Golf Courses.

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