Rent Frock Repeat

Rent Frock Repeat

Re-Lease Your Inner Runway.

In 2010, Rent frock Repeat (RfR) were a newly incorporated company with a Canadian take on the luxury dress rental business model.

After an in-depth market research phase and strategic business planning that included stakeholder interviews, focus groups and technographic profiling, a brand vision and strategy was developed for RfR.

The brand solution became the DNA of the RfR experience. Everything from the brand promise, mission statement, visual identity and complimenting elements, to the custom tailored e-commerce solution and go-to-market strategies.

In 2011 RfR was brought to life with a brand that women could easily identify with on an emotional and aspirational level. PR and social media awareness tactics were used to introduce the brand into the Canadian market place.

The end result is brand that is refined, elegant, reliable, yet fun and approachable.

A girl’s best friend.

Client          Rent frock Repeat
Services     Branding/Ecommerce/Launch