Samsung Pit Stop

Samsung Pit Stop

Putting Samsung into pole position for the holidays.

Samsung wanted to get TELUS reps revved up and informed about the line up of feature devices for the holiday season. With the sales representatives time and retail space at a premium during heaviest sales period of the year combined with several other competing manufacturers also bidding for attention, the training solution had to be in-and-out of store with maximum effect and efficiency. A simple brochure, product demo and the standard sales sheet would simply not qualify.

The solution was the Samsung Pit Stop Tour. A team of trained specialists armed with a fully portable ‘pump’ of information on the Samsung devices hit the stores with a circuit of education. A Samsung Android Persona training system was developed and the reps were given an easy way to identify customer segments and the ideal feature and app demos that would best demonstrate the devices to the different audiences.

The portable installation was designed to show the interactive quality of the devices as well as the evolving convergence between Samsung products in a fun hands on experience.

Client          Samsung/TELUS
Services     Experiential/Digital